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Judgment Free Counseling In Canon City, Colorado

Welcome to Agape Counseling Service in Cañon City, Colorado. We are here to offer judgment-free counseling for adolescents and adults in Fremont County and the surrounding areas.

When licensed therapist Tanya Hamilton started Agape Counseling in 2021, her goal was to be able to help others through acts of care and service toward them. She has been practicing for more than 14 years. For Tanya, this is what the counseling relationship is all about.

"It is not me being the expert in your life or the problem solver, even though you may find that many problems get worked through in our time together.  It is about you having someone who is there to listen to your experiences, help you work through issues, and invest as a partner in your wellness."  

Integrating techniques from Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, Tanya's therapeutic approach emphasizes an authentic, supportive client-counselor relationship. At Agape, she creates an environment where you're not just heard, but truly understood.

At Agape Counseling Service, we also firmly believe in the power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, underpinned by the philosophy that positive thinking can lead to positive feelings and constructive actions.

our number one priority is to help you in a judgment-free, open-minded environment. We proudly serve Fremont County, Colorado with an open-door, accepting approach to therapy. During her time as a therapist, Tanya has had the opportunity to treat many different members of the community, always being mindful of the struggles everyone faces on a day-to-day basis.

Treating Adolescents and Adults

A Relaxed Approach To Counseling

Regardless of your needs, Agape Counseling will treat each client with love, respect, and genuine care and concern. Though Tanya and her staff have the training to handle patients of all backgrounds, we do not consider ourselves the experts in your life. A cornerstone of the care at Agape is focused on giving you the tools you need to work through problems, both with the help of a therapist and on your own when necessary.

At Agape Counseling, we promise to treat all of our patients equally. We are dedicated to improving the Cañon City Community by enhancing the lives of its valued citizens.

If you're unsure about seeking therapy, please take comfort in knowing that at Agape Counseling, our relaxed environment is designed to put you at ease. We prioritize your best interests and mental health. Whether you are an adolescent or an adult, we promise to make you feel comfortable, approaching your concerns with an open-minded and non-judgmental attitude.

Youth, Adolescent and Family Therapy

Open-Minded Counseling Services In Canon City, Colorado

At Agape Counseling Service, we are deeply committed to fostering the personal well-being and growth of adolescents and adults. Serving Fremont County and its neighboring regions, Counselor Tanya Hamilton prioritizes providing dedicated individual therapy, ensuring each client receives tailored care for their mental health needs.

With a counseling career spanning since 2007, Tanya Hamilton has garnered extensive expertise in addressing a wide range of mental health conditions. Experience therapy in a setting that is relaxed, judgment-free, and centered on prioritizing your mental health journey.

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