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Licensed For SOMB Therapy

Sex Offender Management Board SOMB TherapyThe Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) established a set of Standards and Guidelines in 1998, which governs the evaluation and treatment of those who have engaged in sexually assaultive or abuse behaviors. 

In this type of treatment, the protection of victims and the safety of the community is at the forefront of the treatment work with an emphasis on understanding how a client came to the point of sexually abusing someone and developing strategies and plans to manage their risk of ever re-offending.  

Clinical Supervisors are therapists who are licensed and in good-standing with Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) and have served as full-operating treatment providers.  In order to be considered for this listing, the provider needs to complete a minimum of 40 hours of specialized training during each application period, which may include but is not limited to:

  • impacts on victims of sexually abusive behaviors
  • how to identify and address risks for sexually abusive behaviors
  • the role of pornography in sexually abusive behaviors
  • the relationship between sexual abuse and domestic abuse
  • the use of polygraphs in therapy
  • how to ensure community safety in the treatment of those who have committed sexually abusive behaviors

Required Areas Of Treatment for SOMB Clinical Supervisors

The therapist must also adhere to the Standards and Guidelines set forth by the SOMB and be deemed competent in the required areas.

  • Juvenile Offense
    Specific Therapy 

  • Adult Offense
    Specific Therapy

  • JSOAP - II Assessment
    • The Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol Assessment, Second Addition (JSOAP-II), is a tool used to evaluate male juveniles who have engaged in sexually abusive or assaultive behaviors.  The JSOAP-II uses both historical factors and current treatment progress for the purpose of assessing the individual’s level of risk to re - offend and target those areas that are highest risk in therapy. 

    • Completion of this assessment includes a thorough review of all records and information provided to the therapist, an interview with the client, and a written report and summary of the results.  

  • Informed Supervision Training
    • For juvenile clients who have engaged in sexually abusive or assaultive behaviors, informed supervision training with the primary caregiver(s) is a key component of ensuring community safety.  In this training, the caregiver who will be responsible for supervising the juvenile client in the community will be introduced to the SOMB guiding principles for informed supervisors, with an emphasis on community safety and victim protection.  

    • In addition, the caregiver will learn about the components of the cycle of sexual abuse, which will be individualized to the specific client if possible. In reviewing this cycle, they will understand more about what leads to the commission of a sexual offense, how the perpetrator makes the decision to engage in the abusive behavior, how they justify the behavior, and most importantly, how to prevent any additional instances of sexual abuse or assault from occurring. This training typically lasts for 1 to 2 hours, depending on whether it is a generalized training or one that is individualized to a specific client and family.

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